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We believe that existing enterprise-grade commerce software is either too expensive, too complex, too inflexible or too slow - or a mixture of the above. Therefore, we want to offer the world's best software to efficiently manage product data and (rich) media assets with an amazing user experience, total scalability and full integration with all channels and systems. With our software, you should be able to do what the current market leader's software can do or more - at 50% of the cost or less.



About CommerceBoard GmbH

CommerceBoard GmbH (limited liablity company) was started in 2013 and is based in the heart of Berlin, Germany. The company was founded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and developers who set out on a mission to distrupt the young, but already stalling market for enterprise commerce and product data management software. The founders of CommerceBoard possess extensive experience with existing systems from entry level software such as Magento to complex and expensive software targeting the enterprise segment such as Hybris. In building and CommerceBoard eShop, they dwell on this experience to create a product and service proposition that aims to be far superior to the offers of the existing players.


The CommerceBoard Team

Michael Delamere

Co-Founder, Managing Director & CTO

Michael has more than 15 years of experience in the development of distributed enterprise and complex web applications.


Developing and managing extreme high volume sites has become second nature to him. He has been leading development and architecture teams for several renowned companies, including Pixelpark (part of Publicis Group), JambaiLove, Toptarif, 7trends-Enamora (formerly a Rocket Internet company) and more.


As CTO of 7trends-Enamora, Michael led and managed all aspects of IT, including the development of the company's own shop, ERP and order management software. Under Michael's leadership, the online shops of 7trends-Enamora won several prizes and competitions, including a No. 1 ranking by the distinguished product rating organization Stiftung Warentest.

Dimitry Surkov

Co-Founder & Implementation Services Lead

Dimitry has more than ten years of experience in Enterprise Application Development. His companies SuraSystems GmbH in Berlin/Germany and RelSys Ltd. in Penza/Russia employ more than 40 highly skilled developers and are renowned for highest quality offshoring and nearshoring services for SAP integration and customization.


Besides Java development, both companies also offer services in .NET, C++ and RoR. In the past six years, Dimitry has collected extensive experience in the development and operations of high performance e-commerce applications.


Dimitry holds a Bachelor in Economics and Finance from Lomonosov Moscow State University and a Master in Economics and Management from Humboldt University in Berlin

Dr. Sebastian Sieglerschmidt

Co-Founder & Chairman

After having started his carreer as a consultant at McKinsey&Company, Sebastian co-founded 7trends-Enamora, a company which operates some of the leading specialty online shops in Germany. Within only three years, he grew the company to an impressive 500k+ customers and gross revenues of more than 30 million Euros. After a successful exit from 7trends-Enamora, Sebastian supported the creation of several new online retailers, including The Shit Shop (founded and owned by famous German model, actress and TV host Bonnie Strange) and the online shop for one of the largest furniture retailers in Germany. At around the same time, he was appointed Managing Director for the Allianz Digital Accelerator, a research & development lab specializing in Fintech innovations.


Sebastian co-founded CommerceBoard to draw on his vast e-commerce experience and know-how.

Dimitry Paramoshkin

Application Development Lead

Dimitry is a highly seasoned Java application developer with more than 10 years of hands-on experience designing and developing scalable enterprise software.


Among other projects, he has led ERP integration projects for several large automotive companies in Germany and participated in the development of an ERP system for the Bavarian Ministry of Education. In Russia, Dimitry worked as a J2EE as well as .NET developer for companies such as Moe Delo (accounting software) and Lanit.


Dimitry holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Computer Science from Penza State University.




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