CommerceBoard Product Data Management (PDM)


CommerceBoard is the first ever global software tool and marketplace for creating, managing and exchanging product data, including media assets, documents and much more. It offers a unique and innovativ combination of featueres you won't find in any other solution on the market.

Product Overview

CommerceBoard PDM provides you with all the functionalities of a cutting edge PIM solution...and more. Through its highly flexible and customizable architecture, any innovative function you and your team can come up with is easily implemented and belongs only to you - so your shop becomes as unique as your value proposition

Data Management

Get intuitive access to our user interfaces

Minimize need for trainings and supervision with our easy-to-use, intuitive browser-based user interface, which works on all devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone), including features like context menus, adaptable forms etc.

Use our cutting-edge data management features

Increase efficiency with our innovative data entry, management and quality assurance features, e.g., conditional attributes, opt-out-fields and much more...

Also manage media assets and documents

Upload, assign, store, index and manage your product-related media assets (e.g., images, sounds, movies) or documents (e.g., product data sheets in PDF format etc.)

Fast bulk editing

Quickly and easily edit, update, add or delet information from many products at once buy using our advanced filtering, selection and bulk editiing functions

Assign, group and manage master and variant articles via drag-and-drop

Minimize time for creating master-variant relationships in your article lists with our innovative drag-and-drop feature

Manage your catalogues and output channels

Assign data to presentation layers with unlimited hierarchies and number of relationships

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Data Modelling

Easily create any attribute hierarchy

Create product attribute and data models from simple to complex with unlimited hierarchies and innovative features, e.g., conditional attributes and many more

Flexibly model your data structure

With CommerceBoard's state-of-the-art database technology, based on NoSQL / document-based databases, you can buld any data structure and then make changes, additions, modifications or re-assignements at any point in time - even when you are fully operational with hundred thousands of SKUs

Import and adapt existing data models

Access CommerceBoard's long and deep experience in product data management by using one of our existing data model templates, which you can freely adapt. Or you import your own model from existing systems and make changes as you see fit.

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Workflow Management & Controlling

Use predefined workflows or your own

Create, manage and assign status, transition rules etc. with our workflows via drag-and-drop.

Drive efficiency with our innovative progress cockpit

Use CommerceBoard's innovative rules engine and related features (e.g., opt-out attributes) to define quality levels and gates. Keep an overview of the status, progress and efficiency of your processes with our management cockpit (including measurement and benchmarking of process runtimes as well as our proven and tested "traffic-light logic")

Control versions and retrieve data histories

Use and individualize our version control options, see data and user histories and roll-back/undo as required

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Data Exchange

Exchange data with the world

With our cutting edge SaaS architecture and our easy-access data sharing technology, nothing is easier than exchanging data with third parties - suppliers, manufacturers, agencies, customers etc.

Manage your im- and exports

Match different data structures when you im- or export using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Use predefined interfaces or your own

With our standard interfaces, you can exchange product data with many leading ERP and commerce solutions. Or let us support you in developing customized interfaces for data exchange according to your indivdual needs

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Access, Roles & Responsibilities

Give everyone the right access

Create, edit and assign users, groups, rights with high granularity (e.g., down to singe attributes etc.)

Get your suppliers on board

Use our easy-to-use supplier onboarding functionality to let new external parties (suppliers, agencies etc.) start a data exchange relationship with you

Buy and sell data

Use the world's first and leading data exchange platform to access and transfer product data. Buy and manage licenses to use data generated by third parties (e.g., photo agencies) or become a linsensor yourself. Profit from our transaction support (incl. invoicing and payment for data licensing and transfer)

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