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CommerceBoard eShop is a fully-featured enterprise-grade system which enables brands and retailers to offer their customers a cutting edge e-commerce experience. Its high flexibility, performance and scalability makes it the perfect tool for B2C as well als B2B commerce with all channels connected.


The current dominant players in the market offer software which is based on old technologies. Their companies were founded and their products designed by IT developers who have had no significant retail experience. Their software is expensive and not flexible enough. The competition's goal is to build software that costs a maximum in "daily rates" to implement and maintain.


The CommerceBoard team believes that software which shall enable the creation of an exceptional shopping experience should be designed primarily by merchants, not IT developers. Therefore, CommerceBoard eShop has been conceived and designed by a team of top business experts with many years of retail and brand building experience who have built some of the leading online shops in Germany since 2008. The software is developed in a strong partnership between those business experts and the IT development teams in order to devise the best product in the market both from a business as well as from an IT perspective.


Our mission is to bring you all the functionalities and flexibilities you need to create omni-channel commerce as you have always envisioned it. At the same time, we want to support you in your quest for efficiency and offer fair prices:


With CommerceBoard eShop, you can save 50% or more for your integration project and on operating cost of your shop environment.



With our cutting edge technology, you can be sure that your e-commerce activities are always fit for the future; CommerceBoard eShop offers almost unlimited support for your ideas on design, responsiveness and functionalities. Make business anytime, anywhere on all devices and screen sizes



Product Overview

CommerceBoard eShop provides you with all the functionalities of a cutting edge e-commerce solution...and more. Through its highly flexible and customizable architecture, any innovative function you and your team can come up with is easily implemented and belongs only to you - so your shop becomes as unique as your value proposition


Create Amazing Storefronts

Offer your customers a delightful browsing and buying experience with your personal templates and content managment solution

Inspire Your Customers

Let your customers quickly and easily find what they are looking for with one of the industry's leading search and filtering mechanisms

Make Your Landing Pages Count

Our unique merchandising tool lets you create almost unlimited presentation opportunities; individualized landing pages created at the touch of a button will make you the star in Organic Search Engine rankings

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Segment and Target Your Buyers

Delight your customers and increase conversion rates through nearly endless segmenting and targeting options; you can go as far as displaying each individual user their personalized shop frontend. This is supported by our innovative database concept which allows you for full and totally flexible access to all the relevant data.

Access All Traffic Sources

Ensure top rankings in Organic Search Engines with our SEO optimized frontend and our cutting edge merchandising manager; feed your product data to price comparison engines, marketplaces and other aggregators; deliver individual variables to retargeting or remarketing providers etc. etc.; CommerceBoard supports all aspects of modern performance marketing

Instantly Launch Any Promotion

Our promotion, discount and voucher engine is truely remarkable: It allows you to create almost any kind of promotion - from simple "buy 1, get 1 free" to your most creative ideas which might combine timing, location, customer type, product category and much more. And the best: it's super simple to set up and manage

Engage Through Social Media

Build a shop within Facebook, provide your users with content they like to share, integrate Social Media logins, like buttons and much more

Build Loyal Customers

Create seamless marketing campaigns not only for your prospective buyers, but also for your loyal customers through our manifold customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities. Provide them with relevant, i.e. personalized and targeted offers via e-mails, instant messages or postings in your Social Media channels

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Product Data Interfaces

Manage Products Across All Channels

Seamlessly connect with PDM to access your product data to provide and distribute your product information across all your relevant channels

Let Your Content Come Alive

Present all your media easily and support all media types. Store it, adapt it and deploy it to all your channels according to your needs

Adapt To Your Efficient Processes

In our world, structure follows strategy. Therefore, all workflows and interfaces are fully adaptable and customizable without much work

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Order Management

Manage Your Orders

Our flexible Order Management functions integrate seamlessly with your existing merchandising, resource planning, warehousing or accounting systems (e.g., SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics) to ensure efficient and effective order processing and inventory management

Fulfill Anytime Anywhere

Seamless integration of your entire value chain and fulfillment channels is one of the many aspects of our solution; it includes every aspect of modern e-commerce, from simple "click-and-collect" functionalities to managment of multi-item, multi-warehouse, multi-delivery orders or drop shipping - even across borders

Internationalize Easily

Our software is fully capable of handling your international business, including multiple currencies, price and tax calculations as well as cross-border transactions, warehousing and delivery coordination

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Operations & Technology

Be Truely Global

There are no limits to the number of storefronts, countries, languages etc. Manage your global presence at the touch of a button; deploy new strategies quickly all over the world

Take Control

Developers can modify, configure, extend, create, debug and deploy almost everything and across multiple channels and devices. They can also build, customize and deploy workflow and logic to create a highly unique user and shopping experience

Scale at maximum performance

With our state of the art technology stack, based on Java 8, your e-business scales from a few hundred to tens of thousands daily transactions while maintaining fast loading times at reasonable infrastructure requirements

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With our cutting edge technology, you can be sure that your e-commerce activities are always fit for the future; CommerceBoard eShop offers almost unlimited support for your ideas on design, responsiveness and functionalities. Make business anytime, anywhere on all devices and screen sizes.




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